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Vodafone One Net

Jelly understands that for your business it’s imperative to work productively and efficiently. Missing business calls brings frustration to both sides as calls need to be returned or are lost. Jelly can offer Vodafone One Net Business, which provides a solution to your communication troubles. Vodafone One Net can make your communications faster and more responsive. This cloud-based communication service simply allows you to integrate both fixed and mobile communications through one platform. Jelly will provide a personable and dedicated service bringing you all of the benefits of Vodafone’s One Net Business, with a smaller price tag and committed contact to guide you every step of the way.


Beauty is in the simple things. With this Vodafone phone system, you have one provider, one contract, one number appearing to your customer and one voicemail for all your fixed and mobile devices. No matter where you are, you will always be able to answer calls from any device. It will also minimise your workload as Vodafone One Net Business’ hunt groups will automatically redirect calls to your colleagues, whose availability is monitored, so there is always an appropriate person available to fulfil your customers’ requirements.
Manage new users, functionality, and sites with the Feature Management portal that allows you online access and control over your service. Additionally, with this Vodafone phone system every user can also manage and adapt their profiles and calls through the mobile application.
To make sure that you are always up to date with the latest technology, a future-proof system is included providing you with access to the new features and upgrades. At the same time, with Vodafone One Net Collaboration you can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Lync (link this internally to ‘Office 365).
To make sure that your calls remain clear, Vodafone will manage and monitor voice connectivity for you. The phone system is safely located and fully secure in Vodafone’s IP-based network and in the case of any unforeseen business disruptions, you are able to manage your business continuity and reduce the risks in your operations.

One Net Collaboration is a simple and affordable solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that helps the user to integrate voice services and merge fixed phones, mobiles, and softphones.
Any phone, desktop or Skype user is now reachable. Through your internet, network or data connection, you can make and answer the phone calls simply from your desktop, smartphone or tablet with a single click.
Make voice or video calls or keep in touch with instant messaging. Set up or edit the conference calls easily whether you need to share a document or bring someone new into the call. Speak to anyone straight away, to a contact from your email or an author of a document you are just viewing.

Why Jelly

Personal Service

Jelly offers a personal service. We don’t operate out of large call centres and our phones are always answered quickly by a familiar voice.


Jelly can offer solutions from a number of suppliers, giving the customer an overview of the market place and finding the best fit for their needs.

Ongoing Support

Jelly offers quarterly reviews for all of our clients to ensure that they remain on the best package throughout the duration of their contract.

Money Saving

Jelly is typically cheaper than dealing with suppliers direct and we can offer a more personal level of support and account management.