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I am still using ISDN – how much more will I pay on calls if I migrate to VoIP?2022-07-27T11:32:06+01:00
What is the difference between SIP and VoIP?2022-07-27T11:32:17+01:00

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This broad term covers any phone calls made over the Internet. It includes a group of protocol technologies, of which, SIP is an example. SIP is one of the specific protocols that enables VoIP.

Does the call quality get affected when making calls over the internet?2022-07-26T14:40:12+01:00

It is very important to make sure you have the right kind of connectivity to support the number of concurrent calls your business needs. We are able to offer managed internet connections with guaranteed call quality. By using a product suitability checker on your initial discovery session, we can let you know what is available at your location(s) right from the start.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers when moving to hosted VoIP or SIP?2022-07-26T14:39:39+01:00

Yes. Jelly can port your existing ISDN and PSTN numbers onto the VoIP system, allowing you to take your numbers anywhere.

Can all users keep their mobile number?2022-07-26T14:39:51+01:00

Yes of course. All you need to do is obtain a PAC code from your existing supplier, and the Jelly admin team will do the rest.

Is Jelly competitive?2022-07-26T14:38:47+01:00

Because we are an independent solution provider, we can offer tailored solutions from all of the major suppliers and, if you opt for more than one core product, i.e. Mobile + Fixed Line, we are sure to be able to offer you a competitive package, topped with unbeatable customer support.

Who do we contact if we have any issues?2022-07-26T14:38:27+01:00

Our admin team will deal with all enquiries, from SIM swaps to billing queries.

For all contact details, visit our contact page here.

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