Hosted VoIP Solutions

As a business hosted VoIP provider, we offer feature-rich, reliable telecom solutions from both Gamma and BT. These cloud-based systems unify all your communication services into a single, easy-to-use platform, which provides a complete communications package for businesses small and large.

Smart & Future-proof VoIP Phone Systems for UK Businesses

Empower your hybrid workforce with the tools they need to work smarter and faster, wherever they are. Our VoIP solutions will allow you to easily manage your business communications while maximising your employees’ productivity. In the case of the BT Cloud, it also integrates seamlessly with your other Microsoft business applications such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Teams.

Complementary to the above solutions is 3CX, an open standard phone system for Windows that provides better features and flexibility at a lower cost than traditional phone systems. 3CX can replace your company’s hardware PBX without the need for additional phone wiring making the transition quick and simple.

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Hosted VoIP Features

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Hosted IP telephony gives you the ability to distribute phone calls from a single line to a number of other lines by setting up Hunt Groups which will allow for convenient collaboration with colleagues.

On top of this you, will be able to transfer calls to any internal or external number or simply pick up a group member’s call to aid customer service. We will also enable you to customise settings for individual sites, groups or departments.

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With the ‘call waiting’ feature, you can ensure that you are ready before taking your next call and you will have the option to apply music to the line when customers are waiting. Similarly, you will be able to use the ‘Auto-Attendant’ feature to provide callers with menu options in order to route their calls to the correct place. You will also have the option to apply a ‘Diversion Inhibitor’ to avoid calls being transferred numerous times and therefore providing a better customer experience.

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Hosted IP telephony allows you to bar any unapproved call types, allow access to phones using authorisation codes and use call history to view all calls made, received and missed.

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Work efficiently with the range of proficiency features that hosted IP telephony can offer, including call recording for audit trials, compliance or training purposes. Last number redial and automatic call back allows for increased productivity as does the ‘do not disturb’ facility and ‘busy lamp key’ system which allows colleagues to easily see if others are available. The company directory will also be available from the handset with up to 100 speed dials for most frequently used numbers.

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Never miss a call with ‘One Number Anywhere’ which allows you to link multiple devices to one number so that when a call is received all devices will ring simultaneously ensuring that those important calls are never missed.

If you can’t get to the phone, hosted VoIP will give you the option to use call forwarding or keep track of important calls with ‘Call Notify by Email’.

‘Remote Office’ gives you the option to use your number and profile on any phone enabling you to stay connected wherever you are, similarly ‘Hot Desking’ allows you to use your number and preferences on any enabled phone within the company. If you receive an important voicemail, you can save it or forward a copy to your entire team, making communication easier and more effective.

Keep all of your devices, information and employees safe and secure

Jelly also provides a wide range of other business telecommunication services allowing you to unify your business communications, contact us for more information.

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