Business broadband mobile

If your business requires you or your employees to work out of the office in different environments and variable internet access, for example in sales, presentations, or working on-site, it is worth considering having a dedicated mobile broadband SIM-card data plan as a complement to your business broadband package.

Reliable Business Broadband Mobile Plans

This means that when you plug your USB dongle into your computer, it will be able to access up to 5G broadband (depending on network coverage) through mobile phone signals. You will be able to browse the internet, read and respond emails and generally keep on top of work – from anywhere.

MDM Business Solutions

When combined with our Jelly cloud connectivity services such as Office 365 and MDM solutions, you can then safely access your server and data from anywhere, making your business completely mobile whilst keeping your information private.

As a business communications specialist, the team at Jelly can help you save costs through convergence of our core products such as Business Mobile, Mobile Device Management, Broadband and Fixed Line services, making Jelly the perfect partner to meet your business needs.

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