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Jelly can help your business save money with the Inbound control system. The multipurpose system allows the user to manage every day calls and enables employees to work more flexibly. It is jargon free and intuitive and can be accessed anywhere, from any device with its secure and user friendly website. The absence of set up costs means that the system can be funded out of operational spend and therefore gives you no capital outlay.


We know that businesses are forever growing and evolving with the changing market and world. Inbound allows the user to construct an unlimited number of call plans and modify these immediately to suit the changing business needs. It also allows the user to schedule call routing in advance according to business hours and maximise the call handling potential therefore providing a better customer service.
Having a popular business is fantastic but can also become overwhelming. With the Inbound call software the user is able to create a call queue to assist with call handling during busy periods. The user is also able to immediately make call diversion and overflow adjustments and use live queue statistics to base these decisions on. These statistics can be projected onto a wallboard to give instant feedback to the call handling agents and their supervisors.
Statistics are invaluable when marketing your business and the Inbound software can help with this too. With easy to interpret graphs and snapshots of data regarding incoming calls, you can see the results of call handling efficiencies and can make informed decisions accordingly.
Communicating with customers is vital and the interactive voice response enables the user to upload file announcements to provide callers with call routing options and details of opening times and the website address when the business is closed.
Inbound allows the user to view call handling efficiencies such as productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour by enabling online access to comprehensive live call statistics. We understand that it is easier to make decisions when they are informed. The call statistics show data such as time to answer, call waiting time, call outcome and caller details for the user’s information.
Most businesses now have a number of administrators on staff so it is necessary for more than one person to be able to access the relevant information. With the Inbound control system the user is able to add new users and assign them access rights and specific numbers as well as creating profiles in an instant.
For convenience, these call statistics are emailed to the user on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Choose from a summary of calls per number or full statistics per individual call.
Whether it is for training, compliance, customer service or audit purposes, the user is able to record all calls and store them securely. Similarly, voicemails can be picked up, shared or archived across sites or teams with the voicemail management function. Voicemails can be retrieved by email or online as .wav files making it easier for the user to keep records and audit trails.
If a call centre operative is taking calls for multiple businesses, the user is able to add a ‘call whisper’ which provides the operative with information on how to answer each call and leaves the customer with a more tailored response.
The business world is a fast paced environment but the Inbound app brings the call software on the move and allows the user to make changes whilst out of the office or in a disaster recovery scenario. It is compatible with Windows Phone and Windows 8+ tablets, Apple, Blackberry 10 and Android smartphones and tablets.

As a business communications expert, Jelly also provides a wide range of other business telecommunication services allowing you to unify your business communications – Contact our business communications experts for more information.

Inbound for Business

Why Jelly

Personal Service

Jelly offers a personal service. We don’t operate out of large call centres and our phones are always answered quickly by a familiar voice.


Jelly can offer solutions from a number of suppliers, giving the customer an overview of the market place and finding the best fit for their needs.

Ongoing Support

Jelly offers quarterly reviews for all of our clients to ensure that they remain on the best package throughout the duration of their contract.

Money Saving

Jelly is typically cheaper than dealing with suppliers direct and we can offer a more personal level of support and account management.