Leased Line and Broadband for Business

If your business relies on its data connection and downtime is not an option, Jelly’s unlimited symmetrical networking solutions are the perfect choice. We offer a number of business broadband plans all designed to suit the needs of your business whether small or large. As a business communications specialist, we can provide you with completely unified communications solutions.

Business data services with Jelly will give you the fastest download and upload speeds for broadband available to you. Our high-performance business connection means that you are free from consumer traffic, so that your business isn’t affected by school holidays or other high traffic times. You will also receive unrivalled network quality and reliability as well as being connected to a national network.

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Business Broadband Features

ADSL 2+ provides high speed internet bandwidth and uses the same line as your telephone service. It can give your business higher data speeds through the use of digital modems.

Broadband using FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) can give you great speeds at very competitive prices. Jelly can offer 80mb download and 20MB upload as well as 40MB download and 10mb upload options currently with free activation.

Converged broadband combines Gamma Assured IP telephony and internet access using just one circuit and is underpinned by a stringent SLA. Additional options for your business include a free Cisco router for all two-year-minimum contracts, further IP addresses and the product options for a number of concurrent calls and monthly data usage allowances.

Assured broadband is a specialist product designed to support IP telephony services. It provides the elements of the end-to-end IP telephony solution. Similarly, further options for your business include the choice of a free Cisco router, further IP addresses and up to 30 concurrent calls can be supported.

With SOGEA, you can offer a stand-alone hybrid fibre broadband line (VDSL or Gfast), without the voice service. SOGEA gives downloads of up to 80Mbs using the same reliable technology as FTTC.

FTTC Ethernet services have benefits including entry-level solution, fast, reliable access at a more affordable price and includes all Ethernet features as well as the rental costs and installations lead times being significantly lower than Fibre Ethernet and EFM services.

EFM service can give your business committed and upgradable bandwidth speeds as well as being inherently resilient ensuring business continuity. EFM is delivered in half the time of Fibre Ethernet, it doesn’t compromise quality or service levels and it is delivered using up to eight copper pairs with proactive monitoring.

Full fibre or FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) uses fibre optic technology which can send data over 10x faster than traditional broadband which uses an aging copper wire network. FTTP connections use fibre cables for the whole route, which means there’s no slowdown when they reach the exchange cabinet. As a result, you can enjoy faster upload and download speeds than with FTTC broadband.

Fibre Ethernet for your business can provide you with a number of benefits including highly reliable, secure and fast data connectivity. Fibre Ethernet means that you will have one single accountable supplier as well as robust, end-to-end SLAs that include 24/7 UK based support. Your business will have reduced cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support along with dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connection for all of your voice and data traffic. Fibre Ethernet is ideal for organisations wishing to converge voice and data on a single connection.

Competitive Fixed + Mobile Broadband Package Deals

Reduce your overall communication costs and save up to £1250 on choosing a Jelly combined core products package including fixed line, broadband and mobile phones. We offer a free, no-obligation audit of your phone bills to streamline costs. Once that is sorted, switching is quick, simple and hassle free. And if you have a new business, we can offer short-term 30-day rolling contracts as you get started.

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