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3CX phone system is an open standard phone system for Windows. This business phone system provides better features and flexibility at a lower cost than traditional phone systems. 3CX can replace your company’s hardware PBX without the need for additional phone wiring making the transition quick and simple. It can support popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. The 3CX phone system has a web based management console making it easy to configure, getting rid of expensive maintenance costs.

What can Jelly offer with 3CX?

We know how expensive PBX can be to buy and maintain. The 3CX phone system software for Windows cuts costs in six different areas. It allows users to connect branch offices making all calls internal and therefore FREE. 3CX business phone system offers enterprise level features as standard, saving you money on pricey upgrades or add-ons.
The world is becoming an ever shrinking place for businesses. With 3CX for windows you could unify your communications meaning remote workers and other offices remain internal. The 3CX phone system joins faxes, emails and voicemails sending them all to one inbox for ease and clarity. It has full video capability and allows users to see other employee’s presence to avoid making unnecessary transfers/calls.
Working away from the office can mean being out of touch. 3CX for Windows can eliminate this with a web based user portal and a free Windows VoIP phone or free iPhone and Android apps to be used in or out the office. Call forwarding preferences can be based on time received, caller ID and type of call and can be routed to voicemail or a mobile phone meaning you never have to miss a call!
Keeping tabs on everyone and everything in the office can be difficult so we can provide a PBX that can be monitored and managed like any other Windows application. 3CX phone system for Windows has an intuitive web based console making managing easier. It can be downloaded or virtualised to eliminate extra hardware, energy and management costs.
For any business, we know that customer satisfaction is a priority. 3CX business phone system improves customer experience and enhances staff productivity. It allows customers to hang up and maintain their place in the queue with the Call Back feature and makes sure that the staff always know who is calling.

Why Jelly

Personal Service

Jelly offers a personal service. We don’t operate out of large call centres and our phones are always answered quickly by a familiar voice.


Jelly can offer solutions from a number of suppliers, giving the customer an overview of the market place and finding the best fit for their needs.

Ongoing Support

Jelly offers quarterly reviews for all of our clients to ensure that they remain on the best package throughout the duration of their contract.

Money Saving

Jelly is typically cheaper than dealing with suppliers direct and we can offer a more personal level of support and account management.