Most people will publish their ‘what-to-look-out-for-in-2018’ articles at the end of the year. But, to truly take advantage of next year’s advancements in IT and telephony, you need to act today. Because who realistically starts planning for the following year in mid-December? It’s as mad as planning for a holiday an hour before heading to the airport.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the communications trends that we think will be a big deal next year. And if you start prioritising them now, you’ll be flying out the starting gate in 2018 while your competitors are still nursing their festive hangovers.

The forecast is cloudy

By now, most businesses are tired of analysts singing the praises of moving to the cloud. But make no mistake, it’s an all-encompassing trend that’s only going to grow. According to IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will reach $162bn (£125bn) by 2020, more than doubling since 2015.

We know you’ve not been hiding under a rock. You’re most likely using cloud services in some capacity already. But you should anticipate that it’s going to become even more integral to how you do business. Cloud services can offer many advantages to businesses, from replacing legacy on-premise hardware (e.g. servers, PBXs, backup tapes), to moving to cost effective OpEx investment models. If you haven’t already seriously considered how cloud could support your business, it really should be top of your list. Because if your business is to grow, you’ll want the best foundations to build upon.

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Originally posted on 11th September 2017 by Cem Ahmet on