From 2020 BT will no longer offer new integrated services digital network (ISDN) and public switched telephone network (PSTN) circuits in the UK and will switch off ISDN by 2025. This offers an opportunity for your businesses to get ahead and unlock the benefits and cost savings of a Voice over IP telephony solution.

The most common type of VoIP is called SIP and works in a similar way to ISDN and is a cost-effective telephony solution for connecting your premises with the public phone networkOur SIP trunking services are quick and easy to install and can benefit both small businesses and large enterprises. Our service could save you money as IP connectivity provides lower call costs, free internal calls and lower line rental costs for multi-sites.

Get FREE local, national and mobile calls with no upfront costs.

Jelly specialises in business mobile, fixed line, hosted IP Telephony (VoIP) and office data solutions. We can support you whether you have a handful of connections or have large complex multi-product installations in excess of a 1000 connections. We can help you take advantage of all the benefit VoIP solutions can bring to your business, contact us and start counting down to FREE local, national and mobile calls.

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