Unified Communications is having a major impact on the growth of SMBs in the UK

Small and medium businesses across the UK are the largest creators of jobs in the UK and earn the UK economy billions in revenue.

The Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Innovation Value Institute underline the importance of effective use of technology to the success of the SME.


Why is Unified Communications Important for SMEs and Medium Sized Companies?

  1. UC is proven to increase productivity,
  2. UC is proven to improve the effectiveness of mobile workers,
  3. UC is proven to improve customer service.

Although the implementation of UC has proven benefits, the technologies are often difficult for business people to understand due to the use of confusing definitions and industry jargon.

This article, and accompanying #HowToGrow whitepaper, written by Inclarity, is a guide to show how UC can be used to grow your business and practical advice to get you started.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a term used to describe the integration of real-time communication services including instant messaging, VoIP, mobiles, video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), data sharing and call control along within non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (voicemail, email, SMS and fax). UC is often a set of products used to provide a consistent unified user interface and experiences across devices to help people communicate more effectively.

This single interface can sit on a desktop, a smartphone or both.

Inclarity UC

The Benefits of Unified Communications to Business:

UC increases productivity as it can overcome some of the most common sources of wasted time at work;

  • Trying to contact customers or colleagues
  • Looking for information required to perform a task
  • Duplicating communications

It is estimated that workers can spend up to 36% of their time on these activities1. UC can help by delivering critical information on demand.

Inclarity’s UC integrates telephony with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This means your sales people can speak to potential buyers with the CRM data at their fingertips, enabling them to deliver a better experience and win more business.

UC improves effective mobile and remote working as UC presents every worker with the same interface to access office applications and communications, irrespective of their location.

UC improves customer service by giving businesses the opportunity to make first contact resolution a reality.

Functions such as presence facilities can display information about personnel skills as well as availability to enable customer service representatives to find the right person to help resolve a query quickly.

It offers customers and workers choices about how they communicate and integration with CRM and help desk systems means that service reps can readily access the information needed to resolve a query. Inclarity’s UC integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite as standard.

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Use UC to win new customers

 Unified Communications enables you to design extremely effective sales campaigns which are critical to growth. For example, CRM integration can give sales staff visibility of a prospect’s previous contact with your business, details about downloads from your website or information about that prospect’s own industry. This all helps your sales people to have better conversations with potential customers.

Inclarity UC.3

Using UC to overcome barrier to growth

Difficulties such as responding to increases in demand and accessing new markets are common barriers to growth for any small or medium sized business. As UC is instantly scalable it is able to adapt and deliver the right level of communication resources as required –its just-in-time communications for business!

Likewise, UC can be used to test new markets as you no longer need a physical presence within a market. One person equipped with UC can investigate the viability of a new market, working as if they were in a local office.


  • Businesses using Unified Communications grow faster
  • Unified Communications improve productivity
  • UC improves effective mobile and remote working
  • Unified Communications improve customer service

Realising your growth ambitions in practice

For help defining the right UC product for your business contact Jelly – we will help you to specify and source the perfect solution for your organisation.

Jelly Communications is an Inclarity partner and offers affordable UK based VOIP for business solutions.

Inclarity has developed a series of #HowToGrow guides to show how to use new technologies to underpin growth and provide practical action plans to get you started.

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