Did you know: over a third of UK home workers are switching from using broadband to mobile data

The Future of 5G

Did you know that over a third of UK home workers are switching from using their broadband to using mobile data?

36% of Brits working from home are relying on mobile data to stay online – and 61% say it has improved their overall working experience.

Why? A mobile network such as 5G can be significantly faster and more capable, with much lower latency levels. That means clearer calls, faster download speeds and effortless collaboration.

Wellbeing, efficiency and 5G are a trio made in heaven. It may even supersede the use of fixed-line services for business working.

With 5G, mobile team members won’t have to rely on dodgy train Wi-Fi. The 5G network is already available in over 370 towns and cities (and counting). Your workforce will be able to access critical customer data and pick up calls during notoriously poor Wi-Fi spots.

Don’t just take our word for it: a recent survey of 265 key decision-makers revealed that 80% believe 5G will increase employee productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

Research also suggests that 5G could boost business revenues in the UK by between £8.3 billion and £15.7 billion!

Are you ready for the 3G switch-off? Make sure that your business mobiles are 5G-ready.

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