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Fixed Line

Jelly could help you save money on your business landline.
If you have not had a business communications audit within the last 12 months we could help you save money on your fixed lines.

Fixed line rental
Jelly typically offers 40% cheaper line rental and call costs. We can install PSTN and ISDN lines and provide a quick and easy switchover to ensure your business stays connected.

As a business communications expert, Jelly provides a wide range of business telecommunication services including business mobile packages, VoIP, broadband and data solutions.


We understand how important it is for your business communications to stay connected so we offer a hassle free and seamless switchover from your previous provider to Jelly. We can make it an easy and convenient transition for both you and your customers by enabling you to keep your existing business landline phone numbers.

Sometimes the technical aspects surrounding your fixed line can get complicated so we provide technical support, training and setup to make sure that you are up and running and ready to go.

Technical jargon can be a headache. We provide billing information that is clear and easy to understand so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your business landline.

Jelly will review your account on a quarterly basis to make sure that you are still getting cheaper line rental and the best service.

Why Jelly

Personal Service

Jelly offers a personal service. We don’t operate out of large call centres and our phones are always answered quickly by a familiar voice.


Jelly can offer solutions from a number of suppliers, giving the customer an overview of the market place and finding the best fit for their needs.

Ongoing Support

Jelly offers quarterly reviews for all of our clients to ensure that they remain on the best package throughout the duration of their contract.

Money Saving

Jelly is typically cheaper than dealing with suppliers direct and we can offer a more personal level of support and account management.


We supply a range of business mobile packages working with the best business networks available from our trusted partners, Vodafone, EE and 02. With a wide choice of handsets available on any network with hassle free set up and on-going customer service.