Do you know how leased lines could help your business?

Do you know how leased lines could help your business?

A leased line is a private telecommunications circuit between two or more locations. It is also known as a private circuit or data line. Unlike broadband, which works on a shared network, a leased line gives your business a single line all to yourself. That means there are no busy periods or dips in data service: you’ll have reliable connectivity 24/7.

Businesses are using more and more data these days: people are working from home and dialling into the office. They’re using mobile phones more than before. To assist with the needs of the increasing number of teams who work from home, we suggest a leased line.

We work with BT for leased lines for our customers to assist them with their needs for increased data. There’s a reason that BT is the UK’s number 1 leased lines provider: they provide 24/7 support, and a 6-hour SLA to go on-site with an engineer to fix any faults on the line.

BT are known for their reliability, which is precisely what you need when you have a team of hybrid workers.

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