Do you need SIP trunking?

Do you need SIP trunking?

SIP trunking stands for ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ and is a system that internet telephone service providers use to deliver voice services over the internet. SIP trunking replaces traditional phone lines such as ISDN and PSTN.

In an effort to modernise telecom offerings in the UK, BT is currently in the process of switching off their traditional phone lines (which include both PSTN and ISDN), and will completely shut off these services in 2025 – that’s just two years from now. BT have already converted the Salisbury area to meet the 2025 deadline.

This means that if you currently have traditional landlines in your place of business, you will need SIP trunking in the near future.

Benefits of SIP trunking:

  • Supports business continuity
  • Allows for number flexibility
  • Saves you money
  • Offers greater flexibility
  • Comes with a contingency plan

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