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Are you ready for the ISDN switch-off?

In an effort to modernise telecom offerings in the UK, BT is currently in the process of switching off their traditional phone lines (which include both PSTN and ISDN).

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network and is the traditional landline you may currently have at your business. It dates back to the very first phone lines from the 1880s.

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the digitalised circuits of the public switched telephone network. It’s much newer, dating back to the 1980s.

However, telecom technology has come a long way since the 80s, and BT is completely shutting off these services in 2025. This announcement was made back in 2015, but there are still some businesses using these outdated technologies.

These services will be replaced by VoIP and SIP trunking, both of which are provided by Jelly Communications.

If you’re still using traditional landlines in your business, it’s time to get ready for the ISDN switch-off. We can make it an easy and convenient transition for both you and your customers by enabling you to keep your existing business landline phone numbers.

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