5 Pros of Hosted Telephony

1. Saves you money. Traditional PBX systems will often come with purchasing and installation costs and cost of potential upgrade once your business has grown and your PBX switch reaches its capacity. VoIP system, on the other hand, can bring cost savings for both existing businesses as well as start-ups. For as low as £12 per user per month you can receive a service package, including VoIP licence, national and mobile minutes, digital handset or a softphone and 24/7 customer support, reducing the cost of small businesses local calls by up to 40%.

 2. You are reachable at any time on any device. Flexible working can sometimes be challenging with traditional business telephony solutions when calls have not been properly forwarded and are missed, and mobile phones are being used to keep in touch with customers, generating extra cost and causing customers to avoid your established telecommunication channels. With hosted VoIP, all of your channels, including desk phones, mobile phones, PCs and tablets, can easily work based on the same telephone number, ensuring that all calls end up with the right person at the right time.

 3. Supports your colleagues nationally as well as internationally. Hosted VoIP allows local call costs for your international colleagues, and when establishing your new workers abroad, full system integration is quick and cheap.

 4. Expand your business without losing momentum with your customers. In the small-to-medium business world, the rules of the game can change pretty quickly, and sometimes your company needs to adapt and change the focus area without losing momentum, whilst providing reliable high quality customer service from day one. And VoIP gives you just that.

 5. Get the most of advanced features as standard. Unlike with traditional phone systems, VoIP will give you access to most features as standard, and you will always be able to change or manage those through your system administrator.

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